El Medio Almud

A great dive which has it all, large sandy patches where Rays and Angel Shark can be spotted, a plateau of volcanic rock which sits about 1.5m on the sand, which has an over hang that protects its many inhabitants, such as Moray Eels, Canarian Lobster and on occasion large Porcupine Puffer fish. This plateau covers a large area with many holes and cracks providing sanctuary to a multitude of tiny marine life. And as a bonus: a small wreck called “Armando Theodoro”, she was sunk some years ago to enhance the reef and provides shelter to Rays and File Fish. Depending on current and air we sometimes continue eastward from the wreck where the topography changes and strange pinnacles and smooth overhangs are the result of the lava flows hitting the ocean and cooling to these beautiful shapes.

Dive Type: At anchor/ Drift
Access: Boat
Water Temp. Summer: 25 C
Water Temp. Winter: 20 C
Depth: Max. 22 m
Distance from Diver Center: 10 min.
Minimum Certification: Open Water and above.