Arguineguin Reef

The reef runs lengthways from east to west for almost 700m with a deep over hang which is home to the rare and elusive Porcupine or large Puffer Fish, measuring up to one meter in length. Many species of moray inhabit the reef along with shoals of Roncadors and Sardine. The overhang provides protection for Sting and Common Brown Rays and also colourful Anemones and Cleaner Shrimp inviting passers by to pop in. A favorite for Turtle and Amberjacks, this dive is both relaxing and exhilarating.

Dive Type: At anchor/ Drift
Access: Boat
Water Temp. Summer: 25 C
Water Temp. Winter: 20 C
Depth: Max. 18 m
Distance from Diver Center: 10 min.
Minimum Certification: Open Water and above.