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Scuba Diving In Gran Canaria With
Canary Diving Adventures

Gran Canaria, a Spanish archipelago off the Coast of North Africa is a paradise for sea lovers. Canary Diving Adventures is a 5-star PADI dive center, lead by Jerry and his team of award winning, multi-lingual instructors with over 30 years of experience between them. We insure scuba divers of all levels receive an unforgettable experience without compromising on safety. We promise a top-notch service to visitors taking frequent/occasional dive trips as well as providing diver education through certification courses of all kinds.
Wondering what makes us the best in our profession or the top diving school in Gran Canaria? Our passion is teaching and sharing our love of the ocean with beginners, experienced divers, young and old hailing from the U.K, so those of you thinking about diving don't hesitate to get into contact with us and have a chat about whats the best plan for you. Our approach to teaching gives you the best opportunity to take back home memories to cherish, and possible even flourish into a lifetime passion for the sport and our ocean.
Furthermore, we are only a short 4 hour flight from London and even so, we are humbled to have some of the nicest diving in the world, and the best of the Canaries.


Key Highlights, Setting Us Apart
From Our Counterparts


PADI Certified Instructors


20+ Years Experience


5-Star Rated


Qualified & Multilingual Staff


Offer PADI Courses To Suit All Levels


Cover Best Dive Spots In Gran Canaria

Best Dive Sites in Gran Canaria,
Inspiring Divers To Take A Plunge


Taurito Reef

If you are expecting an abundance of marine life, lazy floating, shallow depth and an opportunity to witness sea animals like wide-eyed Flounder, Lizardfish, Blenny, Cuttlefish, Weever, Taurito Reef is the perfect spot to start from.


Taurito Caves

Get a glimpse of amazing rock formations, both man-made and natural as you take a relaxing dive to swim in and around the magnificent caves of Taurito. Apart from the usual marine life which is exceptional there is also opportunity to see one of the different species of rays.


Cermona II Wreck

Located near Alegranza, it's one of the recently formed diving spots, offering divers amazing sightings of Trumpetfish, Roncadors and Barracuda. The specialty of the this site is that it welcomes divers of all levels and leaves them mesmerized by its marine riches.


Alegranza Wreck

Close to Taurito and puerto mogan, this spot again bursts with marine life. From Roncadors to Barracuda, one can find massive shoals of fish species.


Artificial Reef

This spot speaks volumes about the inventiveness of the University of Las Palmas and houses endangered species for one and all to witness. its man-made yet equally enchanting, offering divers the best diving experience in Gran Canaria


Similar other spots, covered under our
certification courses are mentioned below.

With each having its speciality, we insist you try them all out, one by one, and elicit the best
scuba diving experience ever. Approach us the next time you plan a trip to Canary islands and let
us be your guide for scuba diving.