The Cermona II- Mogan

The wreck of the Cermona II lies 60 meters away from the Alagranza and was sunk in March 2002, fortunately we were there the day she sunk and there are lots of photos in the dive centre of the sinking. We also have the honor of being the very first to dive on the wreck, not hard really considering we were in the water, kitted up, before she even hit the bottom!! Time has passed and the Cermona II has settled in perfectly to her surroundings. Like her underwater sister ship, Roncadors, Barracuda and Trumpet fish have made their home in the twisted mental that once formed her hull. Sea Bream overlook both wrecks and if your are lucky the Yellow Submarine may be doing a trip around the wrecks, full of inquisitive tourist snapping photos of the diver who I am sure, they think are all part of the excursion. This is an ideal dive for all level of scuba diver and they are a perfect introduction to Wreck Diving. We have, over the years made a detailed Specialty Course for Wreck diving using both.

Dive Type: At Anchor
Access: Boat
Water Temp. Summer: 25 C
Water Temp. Winter: 20 C
Depth: Max. 19 m
Distance from Diver Center: 5 min.
Minimum Certification: Open Water and above.