Angel Wall – El Perchel

Angel Wall is the first of three dive sites situated at El Perchel. This site is ideal for newly qualified diver and is perfect for PADI Scuba Dive and above as a depth of 12m can be maintain on the rocky drop that runs down to a maximum depth of 17m at the sand. The Wall has some sandy patches, which is a favorite resting spot for Angel Shark and Rays. There is a small cave at the start of the wall which is home rays, Big Eye and Snapper. This dive can be conducted either as a drift dive or when the RIB is at anchor. Baby Barracuda frequent the shallows as well as Trumpet fish and Garfish, octopus and Moray Eels  move in and around the large boulders which are also home to colourful Anomies with there Cleaner Shrimp tenants offering cleaning services to any passer by.

Dive Type: Drift
Access: Boat
Water Temp. Summer: 25 C
Water Temp. Winter: 20 C
Depth: Max. 12 m
Distance from the Dive Center: 10 min.
Minimum Certification: PADI Scuba Diver and above