Black Sands- El Perchel

The third in the El Perchel series of sites, there is a point or line in the sand where the colour changes from the light sandy colour to a more dark volcanic sand seen on some of the beaches on the west coast. The dive begins just after Trumpetfish cave and is marked by the large surface cave and heads in the direction of Venegera beach with a gentle drift. Noted features on the dive are the Angel Shark and Butterfly Rays lying in the sand, also many Stargazers nestle in the black sand waiting for some unsuspecting prey to pass by. An equally relaxing dive, you will be accompanied by Roncador, Barracuda and Amberjacks as well as Sardine darting in the opposite direction from their pursuing attackers. Toward the end of the dive you can wander into the shallows to see the brightly coloured Rainbow Wrasse doing their little mating dance with the fortunate larger male being pursued by many females vying for his attentions.

Dive Type: Drift
Access: Boat
Water Temp. Summer: 25 C
Water Temp. Winter: 20 C
Depth: Max. 17 m
Distance from the Dive Center: 10 min.
Minimum Certification: Open Water and above