Tips On Finding The Right Instructor For Scuba Diving

Tips On Finding The Right Instructor For Scuba Diving

So, have you finally made up your mind on scuba diving? Given the innumerable dive sites, spread across the world, isn’t it natural for someone to ultimately fall for the adventure sport? After all, it takes one closer to the wonders and secrets of the marine universe. Take, for instance, scuba diving in Gran Canaria. The same is home to some of the best dive sites in Gran Canaria like Pasito Blanco, Arguineguin Reef, Taurito Reef, Cermona Wreck etc. Coming across such locations naturally trigger the explorer side in one, inspiring the person to take the plunge and discover the wealth of marine world underwater. But going with the flow will hardly help. For an enjoyable experience, having an instructor by your side is very important. Enclosed are some expert tips to help you choose the right guide.

  • Get an experienced instructor

Only a professional, experienced and passionate instructor can teach you the right skills, including proper position and movement, which ensures an enjoyable dive. Their love for water and passion will shine through them and speak volumes about them. Learning the correct skills like descent, situational awareness, underwater breathing, communication underwater, etc can only be expected from an expert. So, choose your instructor wisely. Those from Canary Diving Adventures, having over 25 years of experience in the dive industry, set the perfect example of professional instructors.

  • Go for small classes

Though learning with dive buddies has its own perks, we feel it’s best to limit the learner count in a class, so your learning and performance is being looked after 100%. A maximum of 3-4 students would mean not rushing through activities and taking the needed time until one achieves perfection. Simply, make sure your instructor arranges for small classes so that he can provide you with more individual attention.

  • Ensure all rental equipment are well maintained

It’s important to check the rental equipment provided by an instructor. Defects, such as holes in wetsuit and wrong sized fins can hamper your experience underwater. Therefore, to ensure the fun quotient in the learning of scuba diving, always choose an instructor who promises you well maintained rental equipment that would never put your life in danger.

  • Have the same instructor throughout the course

The transition from confined waters to open waters is challenging. So having a good bond with your instructor can help ensure confidence. However, do not lose hope if swapping of instructors ever happen as the same shall render a different experience altogether, obviously in a positive way. But, if you have a choice, try sticking to the first suggestion of having the same instructor throughout the course.

  • Check for an all-inclusive price

Many instructors and the agencies they are working for have hidden costs. So, verify whether your chosen one will charge more for not learning/completing the skills in time. Also, check whether the course price includes learning materials, boat fees, open water dives and rental equipment. Go for the instructor who offers a value for money.

Final Thoughts:

Price, condition of rental equipment, the strength of a class, the experience of an instructor and the ones mentioned above are no doubt important. But, equally crucial is the trust factor. Having an instructor who you can trust and get along with, can double your fun. Go ahead, keeping everything in mind, for an enjoyable learning experience.