Scuba Diving In The Era Of COVID-19: Everything You Need To Know

Scuba Diving In The Era Of COVID-19: Everything You Need To Know

Love the underwater world? But, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, do you find it difficult to keep your diving dreams alive? Why not visit Canary Diving Adventures and the Canary Islands for diving and dive with PADI certified diving instructors who abide by the COVID-19 safety guidelines? No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, our diving instructors go the extra mile to ensure you have a wonderful diving experience. Here’s all you need to know about visiting Gran Canaria to go diving in the age of Coronavirus.

Why Visit Canary Islands For Diving During This Time Of Global Crisis?

Life goes on and with Spain gradually staggering out of one of the strictest lockdowns in Europe, maximum preventative measures are now taken for the return of tourists. Beaches, holiday hotspots, restaurants and hotels are now embracing the new social distancing rules for ensuring maximum safety and hygiene of tourists in the battle
against COVID-19. Ranked among the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, the Canary Islands have embraced the newest protocols for offering utmost safety. What makes this place more favorable for divers around the world is that the Canary Islands had emerged comparatively unscathed by the novel corona virus. Furthermore, the local government is working on a pilot of a contact-tracing app.

Scuba Diving In Gran Canaria: Safety Guidelines Divers Should Follow During and After
The Pandemic

• Never come to a dive centre if you are feeling unwell. Whether you have fever or have any other symptoms associated with the novel corona virus, it is best not to come near a dive centre.

• Wear a medical face-mask at the dive centre.

• Maintain a safe social distance as directed by dive centre staff.

• Please do no bring family members to the dive centre if they are not diving.

• Never touch anyone else’s diving equipment and gear.

• Make sure you use a hand sanitizer before touching your equipment. Wash your hands regularly.

• Before boarding a boat, don your wet suit on the dock. Make sure you bring adequate water along with you to stay hydrated while on the boat going to and from the dive sites.

Final Words:
Failure to abide by the above guidelines can be a compromise on your health and safety. Time to plan a fun-filled diving adventure in Gran Canaria and dive safely!