Meditation Diving

Are you looking for a healthy break which combines the ancient science of shamanic meditation with the world of scuba diving? With the breathing and concentration practices of deep meditation underwater directly translating to skills needed for a successful dive, it is no wonder that more holidaymakers are pairing these two activities together. Now you need not travel to the tropical Caribbean islands or beautiful Bali to experience the stillness and relaxation. Here at Canary Diving in Gran Canaria you can travel for just a few hours to our dive retreat where we will bring you unbelievable diving experiences you are unlikely to ever forget. As we take you on a diving holiday that will make every breath count, whether it’s underwater or on solid ground.

This superb escape in Gran Canaria is one of the world’s undiscovered diving retreats, with a concentration around the idea of ‘deeper harmony diving’. Canary Diving is a fantastic destination for a scuba diving holiday experience diving as a form of moving meditation as you explore waters ripe with beautiful fish and vibrant fauna. Improve your breathing during daily sunrise sunset meditation sessions (pre-dive) and enjoy diving tours to the Cemona 2 shipwreck near beautiful Puerto Mogan. Rejuvenate with holistic therapies and don’t miss the exquisite sunrise set dolphin sail to truly feel at one with nature.

Escape to this magical diver’s paradise and experience first-hand the crystal clear waters of Gran Canaria. Dubbed the all year round diving capital of the world, these idyllic islands of the canaries are home to a bustling and vibrant marine life. Pull on your fins and swim alongside the most beautiful species at El Cabrón the protected marine park.

My name is Dr Mark Giles holistic dive guru, long lasting friend to the co founders of Canary Diving Adventures. You know as well as I that certain moments in life call to us, However faintly, For a change of pace. The need to go elsewhere and just be. Coming back to myself is all about doing the things I love, things I am passionate about, that make me smile, connecting to my body sensations, my deep souls desire, embracing silence, connecting to my inner child – creating, moving, laughing and flowing with whatever life brings. Our retreat is an ideal destination for a couples on a healthy holiday. Complement your diving activities by taking advantage of the retreat’s outstanding classes; practice Kundalini or Vinyasa yoga facing the Atlantic Sea on the beach-front meditation pavilion.


Book online and get a 10% discount on all meditation dives and therapies.

Prices include meditation dive guide

Course Price
Meditation master (Price on application)
Oneness dives € 175
Divine rejuvenation (4 Dives) € 499
Guided meditation (4 Dives, 2 Dry) € 399


All certified meditation dives include cylinder, weights and meditation dive guide. Group rates are available.

Dive Meditation