The Top Five Places To Learn Scuba Diving In Europe

The Top Five Dive Places To Learn Scuba Diving In Europe

There are five dive destinations to cover if you ever visit Europe and fulfil your desires of learning scuba diving. While there is the island Sardinia in Italy, the deep Silfra fissure in Iceland, amazing Gozo in Malta and the underwater graveyard of Scapa Flow, there’s one more named the Canary Islands in Spain. If you have narrowed it down to the Canary Islands, look for the long serving, vastly experienced and friendly dive school of Canary Diving Adventures, offering numerous PADI Diving Courses to cater to all levels.

Safety Rules To Keep In Mind, When Going Scuba Diving

Safety Rules To Keep In Mind, When Going Scuba Diving

It all comes down to safety and training without which, all your fun shall vanish into thin air, leaving you panicky and draining you of self-confidence. We are sure you have no such intention; rather, looking forward to an enjoyable and refreshing activity. If such is the case, stick by the rules and develop confidence for your next scuba diving plan. Continuous education and staying up to date with your training will give you the best chance to enjoy our under water world in all its beauty, SAFELY.

Scuba _Diving_Myths_From_A_Diving_School_In_Gran_Canaria

Scuba Diving Myths From A Diving School In Gran Canaria!

Scuba diving is a type of adventure sport, that welcomes anyone into the world of the ocean and to the beautiful marine life. Even though this is a highly popular sport, there are many misconceptions surrounding it, because of which, many people back away from having this amazing experience even if they can. In fact, sometimes many experienced divers convey a wrong message, either intentionally or unintentionally, that deviates from the actual fact. So here are some of the common myths about scuba diving and the truth behind them, as is put together by a diving school in Gran Canaria.